Friday, September 17, 2010

Almost there

A few more hours until he is officially a United States Marine.

How do i feel: Amazing.

I'm not sure I've ever been more proud of anyone in my entire life, as much as I am proud of him.
It's been a long 12 weeks. But it's shorter than it seems. I lie not.
The worst part is something that re-occurs very often through these three months, and that is the realization that you may be seeing him soon, but he's not coming back. Once he leaves, that's him leaving. When he comes home it's just for a visit. A 10 day leave. A 2 day leave. He's gone now.

And that is where the importance of living day by day comes in.
You can't look at everything at once. You can't. You'll kill yourself.
Little pieces at a time. That's the way.

As for me. I'm out of my one week countdown. Today I'm at 5 days :) I leave in 3 :D
He is so excited to see me that sometimes I feel as if he doesn't understand what's really going on.
OR he's already moved passed it and is just waiting for the next moment.

Which is what you have to do. Wait for that next moment. Live for the next hug. Live to love.

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