Mail and Packages

Bootcamp Letters

Things to send:
  • Newspaper clippings (i.e. Sports events and scores, events around your area, etc.)
  • Quotes, Poems, Sayings, Mini Stories(check out the ones on this site)
  • Make a crossword!  Draw it on graph paper and color it :) 
  • Bible Verses, Fortunes from Fortune Cookies
  • Facebook or Myspace
    • Post a status asking everyone to write what they want your recruit to see
    • Snip out status's from your recruits friends facebook wall or myspace page
    • Print photos from his friends pages
  • Cartoons (there are some about bootcamp floating around)
  • Photos
    • You (tastefully dressed), holding am "I Love You" sign
    • Friends, holding a "We Miss You" sign
    • His family
    • Drawings (i.e. small drawings, sketches, small portraits, and it doesn't have to be any good! :) 
    • "Coupons" of things to do with you (i.e. a night out, snuggling with a movie, 5 free kisses, etc.)
    • Stamps for him to send letters back (after being in contact you may also be allowed to send labels for your address, which will make it quicker for him to send them back ;) 
    • Ask if you could send Moleskin pads for before the Crucible, to help protect any area of skin that might get irritated or sore and cause blistering: Example Photo or Dr. Scholl's. Or if he's there in winter you could ask to see if Hand Warmers are acceptable to send. PLEASE ASK FIRST!
    • Send an email to: if you have any other ideas
    Things not to send:
    • Packages. No food, candy (gum, etc.), or any other items (unless specifically requested otherwise).
    • Anything colorful. No colored envelopes, colored paper, stickers on the outside, or sparkles.
    • Avoid anything that would be noticeable like perfume or "enticing" photos (photos can be shared around between recruits, and sometimes the DI)
    • I'd advise not sending long stories or poems. He has just enough time to read your letters and write one back.
    • Send an email to: if there is anything else to be noted here.

    Care Packages and other goodies
    for Marines (after bootcamp), and those deployed 

     Foods (keep away from perishables):
    • Sweets or Candy and Cookies(i.e. Bubble Gum, Mike n Ikes, Girl Scout Cookies, etc.)
    • Small snack foods (i.e. Jerky, Vienna Sausages, Peanuts, Dried Fruit,  Fig Newtons, Breakfast & Power Bars, etc.)
    • Drink mixes (i.e. Gatorade, sugar-free lemodade, etc.) Note: Juice boxes can often break and leak so avoid sending actual liquid, or if so seal them in a zip-locked bag 
    Pharmaceutical Supplies:
    • For Hot Climates: Sunscreen, Carmex for lips, etc.
    • For  Cold Climates: Aspirin, Throat Lozenges,  Nighttime cold/flu remedies, Tissues, Hand Warmers
    • Baby Wipes (loved by deployed Marines)
    • Body Powder, Foot Powder, Cortisone Cream, etc.
    • Moleskin (mentioned above in Recruit Mail)
    "Beauty" or Hygiene Supplies
    • Dental: Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Mouthwash (send in bag), Breath Mints and/or Strong Gum
    • Facial: Chap Stick, Lotion, Facial wash/cleanser, etc.
    • Bars of soap, Shaving Cream & Razor(s), Deodorant, new Towel & Washcloth, etc.
    • Finger Nail files & clippers 
    • Note: Do not send aerosol cans, or they will most likely be sent back
    • Videos: Movies, Sports, News, TV programs/specials, Documentaries, HOME MOVIES, etc.
    • Games: Nerf Football, Decks of cards, inflatable balls, Hacky sacks, Frisbee, Hand-held video  games
    • Photos: LOTS! And even a disposable camera with return envelope and paid postage
    • News clippings, newspapers, magazines, etc.
    • Stationary: Envelopes, Paper, postage, and a pen!
    • Easter: "Easter Basket" with easter candy (you can find collapsible cardboard baskets)
    • Halloween: Trick-or-Treat bags with candy, collapsible paper pumpkins 
    • Christmas: Stockings stuffed full (candy, games, photos, etc.)
          I think you get the idea

    Birthday in a box "be creative!":
    • Balloons, Party Favors, Hostess Cupcakes with candles, Party napkins, etc.
    • Send a disposable camera with it so they can send back "party pics"