Friday, March 11, 2011


...hasn't it just been forever :)

So I wanted to tell you all what has been up these last several months. It's been rough but always worth it. Thick and thin.

Zack went to SOI (the School of Infantry) after bootcamp, into ITB (Infantry Training Battalion) since he'll be in infantry in a few years. However he has a special contract which I cant get into too much detail about but needless to say he went to another school after that, and has just graduated a few weeks ago :)

So what's next?
Well I'm getting ready to handle deployments. Yup. He'll be out of the country before I even get out of my junior year of highschool. Before my prom, and birthday. But didn't we just know this was gonna happen, haha.
So I'm taking it easy. I'm doing all I can to stand strong for him. I'm learning what should be said and what just isn't worth saying. Girl's I will tell you it's not right to hide anything from your man but there is a difference between hiding something, and just knowing when something isn't worth saying.
  That's something you discover in a military relationship. It's not just a long distance relationship. It's way more than that.
It's distance. Fear. Life. Death. Mood swings. Trust. Faith. Anger. Hope. There's a lot.
And from that you learn not just "when not to fight", but that it's just not worth it.

So about two years until he's in infantry, and he already has 2 deployments scheduled. To be quite honest I've already bought the yellow ribbon. Everyday that he's in another country I plan on having some form of yellow ribbon in my hair. By the time he's ready to reenlist I'll probably have worn a few years worth of ribbon ;)

So all in all I guess not much is going on. It seems like longer than it is. He may be home for Easter!
I'm not gonna go into all the types of arguments and spats we go into, but mostly because it's too much. I will later, not detailed, but some stuff to ponder. Things that might be affecting your Marine too.

Anyways, hope you all are well! I'm praying for you and your families! And for all those in Japan, especially our military.

God bless!

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  1. ok, i know you have no idea who i am but i somehow stumbled on your blog, and it seems like God took me here because i dont know how to handle this. My boyfriend is leaving for bootcamp this sunday, and reading your blog has encouraged me so much! Just keep posting please :) I have no idea how this is going to go for me, but I am praying every day. I just wanted you to know that your blog has encouraged me and made me feel like i can go through with this and be strong for him .