Friday, December 3, 2010

Alright girls...

I felt it was time for this, I'm sorry it's not a picture, and it may not be pleasant or what you want to hear but I think it's important so try not to ignore it.

I've been seeing many rants and complaints lately from Marine Girlfriend's, about other girls with civilian boyfriends. They usually go on like:
"You have no idea what missing someone is like"
"You have no clue what true love really means"
"You don't know what it is to be strong, to go spend so much time alone"
"boo hoo. You can't see him for a few days." 

Girl's I have to say, I'm slightly disappointed. There's some love missing in us as well.

Maybe they haven't been through what we've been through, or what we're about to go through. They don't have someone directly risking their lives for a country of strangers. But that doesn't mean they don't have the right to miss their boyfriends, or complain about missing their boyfriends who they haven't seen in a day or two.

We of all girls should know, the second he lets go, our hearts ache.

Why should we think we have more right to complain than they do? Because we will be apart from our men longer? Girls, if anything, we may have less to complain about and more to be thankful for. A strong relationship. A true love that fears none. True, physical as well as metal and emotional sacrifice.

 Instead of complaining about their complaints, why can't we be happy for them? They have a man they're in love with as well, that they get time with. They've been put in two different environments.

When your man is here, do you miss him every second, hour, and day you can't have together?
And when he's not here, don't you miss every day, week, and month?

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  1. thank you for posting this! I found your blog from your tumblr blog.. but anyway, I saw similar postings and I was in shock that people could be so rude! It's exactly like you said- just because they are not in the same situation doesn't mean they aren't allowed to miss their boyfriends! It totally disgusted me when I saw those posts!