"Sometimes it's hard because I wish I could kiss you whenever I want."
"Some people say they thing about their love a thousand times a day. I only think about you once and it lasts all day."
    "If the Marine Corps wanted you to have a girlfriend, they'd issue you one."
    You think you know me, but you haven’t the slightest clue
I am the Brunette standing behind you at the grocery store
Eyeing the latest “support our troops” magnet, while flipping through the latest magazine of cosmopolitan
My thoughts are complicated and my mind is on some military base, Of which I have only been verbally described of on the phone
I’m the young girl in the next car, with her window rolled up and tears in her eyes, because the local county station is playing “letters from home”
And the girl that visits the Marine Corps website at odd hours of the night to find some kind of comfort for that lonesome feeling that has set in the pit of her stomach
I am the girl that will willingly sacrifice her home, and her family to follow a man clear across the country
I’m the young lady that swells with pride every time she sees her Marine standing tall in his Dress Blues
Im the one who spots a Marine sticker, license plate or flag and feels an immediate connection with its owner
I’m the young lady who closes her eyes and pretends that the man she loves is laying right next to her
I am many things..a daughter, a niece, a sister, a cousin and a friend, but most importantly
I am the love of a United States Marine
I love you, Please come home soon <3

~ Author Unknown ~

A Poem for my Marine!

No better friend, no better love
A bad boy yet a good man
Strong inside and out, with a gentle heart and hand
Too easy it is to fall for him, and see your future in his eyes
Not worrying then of times to come, not thinking of goodbyes
So there you stand with dog tags on, worn close around your neck
Waving goodbye to him and praying, for the day that bus comes back
Then its lonely nights in bed, waiting for the phone to ring
Dreaming of the times you've had, remembering everything
You wait for letters sent by him, and cherish every word he writes
Reading them each over again, to help get through the lonesome nights
You wake up to midnight phone calls, to hear how he has been
And say "I love you" enough times to last, until you talk to him again
You do your best to tough it out
Without a shoulder on which to lean
Smiling while thinking of how it feels
To fall in love with your Marine!

~Author Unknown~