Sunday, July 11, 2010

Get Used to It

I'm starting to believe the hardest part about being the significant other to a man in the Military is this:
You have to learn how to get used to being with out them.
And doesn't that feel so shameful? Having to get used to being without the one you love.

But it must be done. Because you can't spend everyday for the next time you meet. Because, at least until you're married, every time you meet will end in a time he leaves. A week here and there, but it always ends in a "see you soon then".


I have his address now :)
I've already sent him 2 letters although I know I won't be getting one for a while yet.
I leave tomorrow for a week long trip with my church youth group, so if I do get a letter I won't get to open it until next Sunday, which makes me pretty sad. Oh well.
I've been following the online Training Matrix to see what he's up too, asking him if it's accurate or not.

Oh and I miss him.
So much.
But like I said, I guess the hardest part is knowing that there is no end, you just have to get used to it.

How do you get used to being without the one you are in love with?

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