Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I believe out of all three letters I have received so far, I've cried during all three.
It's those moments where they say something and as your reading it you're imagining them saying it as they're sitting next to you. It hurts, but there are completely happy tears :) Painful, happy tears.

He says it's cold in the Squad Bay (where they sleep), but he likes his rackmate and the guy beside him.
They saw the sunrise during a 3 mile morning hike which apparently was beautiful (i can only imagine.)
He likes most of his drill instructors and explained their jobs.
However he's already hurt himself pulling a hamstring, and he's had some heat exhaustion, but he doesn't want to go to medical for fear of being dropped, which I understand.
So I'm just supporting him.
I've sent him a photo of myself and a little comic photo. Something to lighten the mood if he's down.
It's so difficult to know when somethings wrong through a letter. And when it takes ten days for a response... it's understandable why.

Yes, I said 10 days. From the time I send a letter, to the time I receive a letter obtaining to things mentioned in said first letter, the corresponding letters are about 10 days apart.
And yes, it is confusing. I've began to copy my own letters so I remember what I've said in which letter. That way I can look at mine as I read his, and I can mostly avoid repeating myself.
I can get a letter from him but it may have nothing to do with anything I've said that week. And everything to do with what I've said the previous week.

Oh yea, and I miss him. side feels empty.

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