Friday, June 18, 2010


Some people say they think about their love a thousand times a day.
I only think about you once, and it lasts all day.

It brings me to tears thinking about how this will be his last week here and I'll hardly get to spend time with him.
It brings me to tears thinking about how I won't be able to just text him when something is killing me.
It brings me to tears knowing that I'll have to be strong now. I have to remember he's always here with me.


We spent the day together today with our two friends.
We went swimming and bowling which was a lot of fun. All day I just felt summer, and smiles, and his hand.
It's hard to imagine that I'll lose all those chances with him this summer. One year isn't so much when you get to the end of it. Then you realize all the times you should've said yes to things you thought were silly or meaningless.
If it involves someone you love, please hear me: It is NEVER meaningless.
And when you truly love them, you won't get bored. So don't ever say it might be boring. Take the chance when you get it. Take it.

9 days left. 

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