Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Countdown - 10

I have a man that is 18 years of age and he is about to fulfill his dream. In ten days.

I am so proud of him, however there is already pain of knowing my best friend is about to leave me for 3 months.
I'm scared, while he's not allowed to be.
He's gonna be a Marine. Infantry of all he could've chosen.
He'll be one of the fewer and prouder people in our country. He'll fight for us every day. He'll have red white and blue blood running through his veins.

He leaves 6-27-10. We hit one year the day before. He will graduate 9-24-10.
I'll be waiting.

I'll be spending the day with him and our friends tomorrow :) But when we have to say goodnight, I know it'll be just one more day to count down to.

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